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The Sky is Falling

     I didn't think I'd write anything about this because I don't have the energy or knowledge to explain everything that's going on, and also because it's embarrassing. But I write about so much of my life, and I've been focused tonight on what's going right, so I decided to go ahead and let you see our mess, mess, mess, as Jack calls it!

     This hasn't been the most stellar week. Our house is literally falling down around our ears, and a lot of that is because of an accident with a sink that was my fault. That sink is now in the garage with the rest of my kitchen. And every six hours, someone from a cleanup company comes in to tell me some new astronomically expensive thing that is wrong with the house (a lot of which has nothing to do with the original accident). 4" of standing water in the crawl space? Great. Everything associated with said space was installed incorrectly which could end up costing you $30,000 down the line? Perfect. Chump change. These are the kinds of conversations I've been having with the strangers who are traipsing through my home whilst I am trapped in what I'm lovingly referring to as my Prison of Noise. Fans. Grindy saw things. Floor tearer upper things.  You know that scene from the Grinch? "Oh, the noise, noise, noise, noise!" 
     Living it.
     BUT. I have a smile on my face.  I am counting my many blessings today. I know my Redeemer lives. My family is healthy. We found out serious things that were wrong with our home that would have gotten worse. My sister from another mister called this morning to tell me she's taking me to 2 Cubs games at Wrigley in a couple weeks. My friends and family have been amazing, from moral support to actual-cleaning-up--wet-drywall-off- floor-with-bare-hands-support (hi Grandpa)! Grandpa was my hero who walked in literally seconds after my ceiling crashed down around my head and stayed all day helping me clean up the epic mess and entertain Jack, who was in seventh Heaven with his little mop and his Gandpa!
     After months and months of waiting, we finally found out they ARE having Matt's conference in California, and we decided Jack and I will still go, because, as my uncle and fellow wanderluster described this life, "you only get one time around." So we will save up as much as we can in spite of this demolition nightmare and show Jack what it feels like to fly through the sky, introduce him to Mickey Mouse, dip his toes in the Pacific, and stare up with him at ancient, soaring sequoias. And it will be worth it. Last, but NOT least, through a multi-hour session of mowing and weedeating, I confirmed that my phone's pedometer has only been giving me credit for 25% of the steps I've been taking! You best sit down, LG G5. Only I am allowed to sell myself short, thank you very much! 😂


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